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Fuyang Liu

Fuyang Liu is a high-profiled Chinese traditional/Contemporary dance artist. His dancing career spans two decades, in which time Fuyang has won many awards including the national Lotus Award for professional dance. Fuyang has also been given the title of China National Class-A Dance Performer and has been selected to be the Chief Performer and Head of Performance at Zhejiang Song&Dance Theatre.

In the official year of cultural exchange between the UK and China, WE designed a professional development trip for Fuyang, who expressed interest in learning from UK artists in order to develop his dance skills. After consulting Fuyang about his interests and goals, WE offered him full package of travel and courses, which will took place in early 2016.

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In-depth Theatre Experience

WE Culture Connect launched the ‘In-depth Theatre Experience’ in January 2016 in London, offering an education tour designed for people with passion and interest in theatre. The project gives participants the opportunity to experience a wide range of theatre in a variety of contexts and genres. Over 15 Musical Theatre students, amateurs and professionals from China have taken part so far. The group experienced more than 20 theatre related activities, including watching shows, theatre backstage tours, Shakespeare’s Birth Place tours, Musical Theatre training, performance workshops and performance institution tours.

Musical Theatre Rehearsal Workshop

WE Culture Connect, in collaboration with the Arts Educational Schools London (‘Best Drama School’ The Stage), launched a Musical Theatre Rehearsal Taster Workshop in April 2016. Led by three experienced teachers from ArtsED, the two-day workshop offered a genuine experience of rehearsing for a musical show. The workshop included everything involved in the professional process; from script reading to singing, dancing and acting. Participants in the UK performed a ‘graduation showcase’ on the second day and also received a wonderful workshop certificate from ArtsED.

Laurence Olivier Awards China Premiere Events

The Laurence Olivier Awards are the most prestigious awards for theatre and musical productions in Great Britain. Named after British actor Sir Laurence Olivier, the award is presented annually by the Society of London Theatre to honor excellence in theatre productions across London. This award is also one of the most recognised in the Chinese theatre industry. The award ceremony attracts a large amount of attention each year, but Chinese audience are not able to watch the ceremony in China. This year, WECC organised the first screening of 2016 Olivier Awards Ceremony at the Xintiandi Festival, Shanghai. We hope to encourage exchange and conversation between the “People’s Square Rim Performing Arts Cluster” and the London West End. WECC is honored to invite the representatives from the Society of London theatre to Shanghai to present the screening alongside the other events at Shanghai Hong Kong Plaza.

Shanghai Xintiandi Festival 2016
Innovative Form of Performing Arts Forum

Shanghai Xintiandi Festival, launched in June 2016, presents an annual performance art festival and also plays host to international conferences and symposiums about the performing arts in China. Xintiandi Festival is a part of the construction plan of “People’s Square Rim Performing Arts Cluster”, 13th Five-Year Plan of Shanghai Huangpu District. The festival takes full advantage of it’s Huaihai Road, Xintiandi location. This area is a destination for the young and stylish, and boasts many commercial complexes. Focused around Xintiandi, the festival operates from cafés, museums, restaurants, atriums and other public spaces. The festival has presented works from both Chinese and international artists and is the very first performing arts festival in China to use both indoor and outdoor spaces. It is hugely significant and progressive in the Chinese arts festival world and pioneers in both form and quality. WECC organised the “Innovative Performing Arts Festival Forum” as a part of the event and delegates from the arts sectors across the world participated.

Marco Polo Floraland

Located in Minhang district Shanghai, the Marco Polo floral theme park brings together the multidisciplinary arts and stunning floral arts to create a new experiences unlike any other. The park encompasses a rich artistic programme and has a special focus on engaging the visitors with floral through the performing arts. The park will open in 2017 summer; WECC is the designated performing arts programme consultant at iGreen Investment Group. We will not only introduce foreign performing artists to perform in the park but also help develop original productions in collaboration with local production companies.

Electric Eden

Last year, the eponymous Electric Eden, an environmental drama sweeping through Edinburgh Fringe Festival, was unveiled at the 19th China Shanghai International Arts Festival in 2017. 2017 Shanghai International Arts Festival was held from October 20 to November 19, and WE Culture Communication and the story of Eden met with Shanghai fans.

“Electric Eden” was created by the NOT TOO TAME Theater Company from Wales, England and premiered at the 2016 Fringe Festival. The company has been adhering to the concept of “Breaking the Barrier” and has introduced many immersive and environmental plays dedicated to breaking the “fourth wall” between the audience and the stage.

“If ‘Electric Eden’ is not consistently playing to a packed venue soon, it will be a travesty.” – Edinburgh Fringe Festival
“Get your neon facepaint on and grab a drink from the bar: Electric Eden takes places in the Electric Circus nightclub, and the audience is swept up in the fun.” – British Independent

Do you have any thoughts for Electric Eden? Want to get more information on the performance of the work? Come to pay close attention to our wechat account. More information will be gradually released about Electric Eden and its performance in Shanghai International Arts Festival. Maybe you can even be lucky enought to get our free tickets! what are you waiting for? Scan the QR code below and follow us.

The Wind in the Willow

For the first time, as a co-producer, WE Cultural Connect set foot in the West End with the musical The Wind in the Willows. The musical has been staged in June 2017 at the London Palladium until September 2017, with the North American tour already underway and a musical HD video to be released in April of 2018.

As co-producer, WE Culture Connect was invited to attend the premiere red carpet of the musical the Wind in the Willow on June 29 and watched the show together with the production team, including the British series Downton Abbey screenwriter, but also the writer of the Wind in the Willows Julian Fellows.

The Wind in the Willow has been adapted into films, animations and even stage shows. This time is its appearance in the form of a musical staged in West End in London. In addition to the famous Julian Fellows as the writer  award-winning George Stiles and Anthony Drewe as songwriters, starring the famous British comedian Rufus Hound. Once the new about the Wind in the Willow was released, it immediately sparked the attention of the industry and the majority of audiences, music fans.

Olivier Award 2017

On April 9, 2017, under the cooperation of WE Culture Connect and V Plus Consultation, Oliver Award, together with China’s Youku platform, live-streamed the award ceremony of the British Oliver Award to Chinese audiences for the first time. As the world’s top award in the field of theater, the annual festival of the west end of London, the 41st Oliver Award presentation ceremony could be described as star-studded, of extraordinary significance.

This is the second time that WE Culture Connect works with the Society of London Theater to introduce Chinese audience “The Oscar for theatre” – Oliver Award from the United Kingdom. In 2016, WE Culture Connect, in cooperation with Shanghai Yonghe Culture, held the Oliver Award Photo Exhibition and Award Presentation Ceremony during the Xintiandi Arts Festival, attracting wide attention in the industry.

Alice’s Adventures Underground

Alice’s Adventures Underground is an immersive theatre production of Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland. The production was born in early April 2015 and staged in the atmospheric Vaults underneath Waterloo station, London. The show creates Wonderland as a fully formed world that blends storytelling, live music, puppetry, circus and spectacle. Invited down the rabbit hole in intimate groups of 52, each audience member will be presented with a choice of EAT ME or DRINK ME, which will affect the way the show will unfold.

WE have already acquired rights from Emma Brunjes Productions to co-produce a Chinese version in Shanghai. It is coming! 

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热点聚焦| 《伊顿的故事》亮相上海国际艺术节

Olivier Award| WECC will cooperate with Olivier Award in 2018

热点聚焦 | WECC晋身西区音乐剧制作人,亮相《柳林风声》首映式

热点聚焦 |沉浸式戏剧《爱丽丝冒险奇遇记》即将登陆上海!

无戏不欢 | 沉浸式戏剧《爱丽丝冒险奇遇记》重返伦敦啦

热点聚焦 | 英国奥利弗奖首度进军中国,2017年度获奖者大揭晓


What’s On!





热点聚焦| 《伊顿的故事》亮相上海国际艺术节

热点聚焦 | WECC晋身西区音乐剧制作人,亮相《柳林风声》首映式

热点聚焦 |沉浸式戏剧《爱丽丝冒险奇遇记》即将登陆上海!

无戏不欢 | 沉浸式戏剧《爱丽丝冒险奇遇记》重返伦敦啦

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